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DIAMANT-Film Restoration Software
If you are looking for tools for dust-busting, de-flickering, stabilization or fixing other kinds of film defects, DIAMANT-Film Restoration gives you the right solution from fully automatic, semi-automatic restoration up to interactive manual retouching of your film material. The well proven and easy-to-use interface and restoration filters offer you a perfect solution to optimize the workflow in the digital restoration process. DIAMANT-Film Restoration is being used successfully since 2001 in film archives, post production houses, studios and laboratories from over 150 clients worldwide.
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We do have several editions of our restoration solution to best serve your needs.
See feature matrix for more details.

Interactive cloning and dust-busting tool for Windows 8/7 64bit and Mac OS-X. The tool provides one operator with a convenient and efficient environment for manual cloning, interpolation and dust-busting ONLY.
Tools: Clone, Dust, Interpolate (frame repair), HistoryBrush, Paint, Transform
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Semi-automatic dust busting tool for Windows 8/7 64bit and Mac OS-X including automatic filters and function for efficient interactive and automatic dust-busting. The tool provides one operator with an optimized environment for immediate repair and fixes. Is fully compliant with ASSIMILATE SCRATCH, IRIDAS SpeedGrade and also plugs-in into DVS Clipster/Pronto.
Tools: Dust, Interpolate (frame repair), SpliceRepair, Clone, InPaint (spatial interpolation), ExInPaint (auto heal), Repair, Paint, ColorBalance, HistoryBrush, Blur, Sharpen
Filters: Dust, ExInPaint (camera hair removal), Primary Color Correction, Transform, DeadPixel, History, NoiseTV, Paint, StabROI, Invert
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Includes all featurs of DustBuster+.
Additionally offers the MovieManager for project management, multiple generations, proxy support and project sharing between several stations.
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Includes all features from the other editions.
Digital film restoration software for dual processor workstation on Windows 8/7 64bit.
Full featured software package including tools for dust-busting, scratch removal, de-noise, de-graining, de-flickering, image stabilisation, de-warping, re-graining, color registration and many more (~30 filters).
Supports 64 bit, multi GPU, batch rendering and optional a render farm.
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DIAMANT-Video Restoration SUITE
The DIAMANT-Video Suite is based on our experience from the DIAMANT-Film Restoration Suite, which is successfully being used for more than 15 years in professional film restoration facilities.
The new DIAMANT-Video Suite is a new and dedicated product which focuses on the demands and typical defects appearing in analogue and digital video restoration.
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System Requirements

For optimal performance and reliability, be sure that your computer meets the following minimum system requirements.
Recommended configuration (up to 6K)
OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit
Workstation: HP Z-8/HP Z-840/SuperMicro/Dell 2xIntel XEON >3 GHz 12-16 physical cores with AVX support
It is more efficient to focus on processor speed than number of cores
Memory: 64GB RAM or more
Graphics Card: 8GB RAM, OpenGL 3.0, CUDA (3.0 compute compability) : Nvidia Quadro RTX5000/P5000/P4000 or GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, GTX 1080 Ti/TITAN with 8 GB RAM or better.
Internal SSD Hard Drive 512GB + Internal RAID or SAN with ~600-1600 MB/s read/write depending on resolution
Minimum requirements (up to 2K)
Windows 10/8/7 64bit
Intel i5/i7/i9/XEON or comparable (AMD) with AVX support (CPUs from 2011 or newer)
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics Card: 2GB RAM, OpenGL 3.0, CUDA (3.0 compute compability): Nvidia Quadro K4200 or GeForce GTX750 with 2 GB RAM or better
Internal Hard Drive: Minimum 120 GB 7200 rpm
Recommeded configuration for MAC for DustBuster+
iMac Pro (2017)
3 GHz Intel Xeon W processor
10 cores
64 GB 2666MHz DDR4 RAM
Radeon Pro Vega 64 with 16gb of VRAM
2TB internal SSD
Video output option
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